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Kathy McIntosh


Kathy McIntosh is addicted—to words. She loves the way words sound and the way they look on a page. In addition to creating offbeat adventures for the zany characters in her novels, she writes and speaks about words and writing.

A native Californian who wound up spending thirty years plus in Idaho, Kathy transplanted from Idaho to Tucson, gleefully abandoning her long johns and snow shovel. She shares space with a hairy cat, a large, lazy dog and a husband who most of the time is neither hairy nor lazy.

Kathy’s first two novels in the Havoc in Hancock humorous suspense series take place in North Idaho, territory famous for its kooky citizens. She’s hard at work on her third novel, where she will bring Roadkill, a character her readers love, to the Sonoran desert. Can he survive the heat?

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Mustard’s Last Stand, the first in the Havoc in Hancock humorous suspense series, has been compared to the witty but weird works of Carl Hiaasen. An offbeat environmental activist enlists his brother, a failed screenwriter, in the battle against the fanatical developer of an African safari camp in North Idaho.





Foul Wind, the second in the Havoc in Hancock series, was released in October, 2015. Blackmail, wind mills and vicious pigs make for a stinky —and deadly — combination. Can a former activist stop her meddling mother from becoming the next victim?





Both books are available on Amazon. Kathy’s Amazon author page is



Jeanne Burrows-Johnson

Author Jeanne Burrows-Johnson draws on decades of experience in the performing arts, commerce, and education.  Her energizing pieces have appeared in business, literary, and professional publications.  The Natalie Seachrist mystery series is inspired by the people of Hawai’i, where Jeanne lived for over twenty years.

Academically, she was accepted for membership in Phi Beta Kappa while completing her Bachelor’s degree in History at the University of Hawai’i.  During graduate studies of post-World War II Japan, she became a member of Phi Alpha Theta (the national history honor society) and received a teaching assistantship in the University of World Civilization Program of the University of Hawai’i.  Jeanne is also a Lifetime Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, Highland Division.

Focusing on life’s synchronicity, her public addresses are noted for multi-cultural references and historical asides.  Jeanne’s integrated perspective shapes seminars and workshops that facilitate communication between diverse groups of professionals and the general public.  As a consulting wordsmith, she draws on her interdisciplinary training to assist other writers polish their skills and achieve their desired potential.

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Prospect For Murder

Semi-retired journalist Natalie Seachrist’s had visions since childhood.  But when her twin Nathan confirms the body she saw draped over a vintage Mustang was his granddaughter, her world shatters.  With the cautionary help of retired police detective Keoni Hewitt, Natalie begins investigating the Honolulu foothills apartment where Ariel died.  There the writer discovers the fascinating story of the 1920s Shanghai origins of the affluent Wong Sisters who own the complex—and more than a little discord between the family and staff.

Unfortunately, Natalie’s on-site sleuthing with her feline companion Miss Una produces few leads.  Just as she questions her mission, she experiences a surprising vision from Ariel’s perspective.  When Natalie declares her certainty that the girl did not fall from the apartment’s lanai to Keoni, she’s forced to reveal her ongoing visions.

Meeting with Nathan, the coroner, and the Honolulu police detective who was once his partner, Keoni and Natalie learn items are missing from Ariel’s effects.  Was the unattended death a murder rather than an accident or even a suicide?  If so, Natalie may have put herself in the way of a murderer who’s willing to kill again to hide their secret.

Lala Corriere

lala-press-photoSince early childhood, Lala has been passionate about all the arts. She is a painter and a former stage performer. Early work careers blended high-end real estate sales and serving as president of an interior design firm.

Her fifth grade teacher, Miss Macy, was the to suggest she consider a career in writing. That extension of the arts, the written word, turned into a full time passion in 2001.


Career Highlights:

  • Endorsement and long-term mentorship by the late Sidney Sheldon
  • USA Today articles and review.
  • Published in regional magazines, newspapers, writer’s guides and journals.
  • Award winning poetry.
  • Endorsements from Andrew Neiderman [Devil’s Advocate], J Carson Black, KT Bryan, CJ West, Paris Afton Bonds, and many others remarkable authors.

Titles Include:

  • Widow’s Row
  • Cover Boys & Curses
  • Evil Cries
  • Kiss and Kill.
  • Bye Bye Bones, coming 2015

Readers and reviewers applaud her hallmark original plots, her in-depth character portrayals, rich scene settings, and authentic dialogue, all delivered with a fresh new voice. Oh, and her TWISTS!

Lala is a desert rat. She nestles there with her husband of over 25 years along with Finnigan & Phoebe— Teacup Yorkies.


widows-rowWidow’s Row

She fears the gun hidden in her father’s staircase is the same weapon that killed her mother. In search of truth, she’s thrust into a world of her father’s only true legacy … lies.

Warnings become death threats because she knows too much.

She knows nothing.

She can trust no one.


cover-boys-and-cursesCover Boys & Curses

The Lauren Visconti Curse. She loses everyone she loves. They don’t storm out the door. They die. Lauren wore the curse of untimely deaths as the thin veil of anxiety that came with running her in-your-face magazine, CoverBoy.

Success came with CoverBoy’s dichotomy—photos of almost naked men juxtaposed between serious investigative reporting. Her articles ran true stories and divulged real names. Most readers had heard of sex-slave trafficking. Most didn’t know it occurred in their own backyards. Some readers knew about podiatry mutilations—the hacking off of elongated second toes and even the total amputation of little toes, all in order to fit into expensive designer shoes. Very few had heard about revirgination.

Lauren’s own personal curse morphed. Now anyone Lauren had any emotion toward, good or bad, is doomed to be slaughtered.

Maybe one man, Los Angeles’ spiritual healer, Dr. Harlan Coal, can save her from this fate. He’s saving the world, after all.

evil-criesEvil Cries

Skin isn’t the only game in town, but for plastic surgeon Marcus Armstrong, it’s his passion and his profit.

Sterling Falls’ grand opening isn’t going as planned. Instead she sees a gun-yielding man shot dead on her new jewelry showroom floor, and the woman that mortally wounded him? A bag lady.

Not the first two customers Sterling envisioned.

Feeling neglected by the man that brought her to Tucson, she enjoyed the attention of the handsome plastic surgeon. After all, what harm could there be in his flirtations? She had sold him an $80,000 engagement ring.

What woman could say no?

kiss-and-kill-coverKiss and Kill

Just when romance author Chyna Blaze gives up her haunting past, she has a new problem. Her peers are being knocked-off. The detective insists she’s high on the list.

Her publicist arranges the date with a well-known literary giant. Chyna finds the idea annoying, but harmless.

Orson Locke quit writing, but not his vices. He likes his sugar straight out of cans of white icing, chased by bourbon, and Poe. He likes his temptations well-sated.

D.R. Ransdell

drrransdell_moher_131714D.R. Ransdell hails from Springfield, Illinois, but she enjoys living in Tucson, Arizona where she can enjoy good swimming weather year-round. She loves to travel, so exotic locations are often a feature in her writing. She plays the violin in a mariachi band, which led to Mariachi Murder and a musical protagonist named Andy Veracruz. Her Greek vacations led to Andy’s second adventure, Island Casualty. D.R. lives with several lively cats who give her plenty of reasons to procrastinate. So far the felines have brought in plenty of dead lizards, but no dead bodies—yet.

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mariachi_murder_cover-resizedMariachi Murder

An alluring woman, a guilty conscience, and a mariachi band add up to Mariachi Murder!

 Andy Veracruz is the leader of a mariachi band in Southern California, but when his boss goes out of town, the restaurant turns to chaos. The enticing Yiolanda tempts him even though he knows she’s a troublemaker. When she’s accused of murder, he’s not sure whether to help her or to run the other way. Worse still, Andy’s normally tranquil Squid Bay has been trapped in heat, and not even dips in the Pacific can do enough to cool the violinist off.

The more Andy learns, the more trouble he gets himself into. He’s a sleuth only by accident. He would much rather spend afternoons working on new songs. Instead he has no choice but to spend sleepless nights walking around town and practice the art of breaking and entering. He goes to his brother for advice, but unfortunately, Andy doesn’t listen!

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island-casualty-cover-resizedIsland Casualty

A lost engagement ring, whizzing bullets, and a midnight Vespa ride add up to Island Casualty!

When Andy Veracruz flies to a Greek island for a holiday with Rachel, the California native expects to spend afternoons swimming and nights making love. After all his troubles in Mariachi Murder, he deserves a break! But at an outdoor café, he meets a fellow traveler who accidentally leaves behind a package. Before Andy can return it, the man disappears.

Andy tries to enjoy the rest of his vacation, but after he and Rachel are run off the road by a determined motorist, the musician starts doing undercover work by playing in a bouzouki band. After further “accidents,” he realizes that he’s not safe anywhere on the island. While he’s around, his friends aren’t safe either! He vows not to take any more vacations, but he has to uncover the truth before he can make his escape.

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Kent Treiber

Kent TreiberKent Treiber had a full career of marketing, development and research in the computer industry.  He and his wife live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California and the Catalina Mountains, Arizona.

Over time Kent has had many interests including whitewater rafting, motorcycle riding, reading, golf, downhill skiing, competitive water skiing, theater, mentoring, flying, shooting, autocross, RVing and hiking.

Kent has authored numerous technical documents and papers. He holds several patents.  He has written a private memoir in addition to Whitewater Killer and Sierra Vengeance.

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Whitewater Killer coverWhitewater Killer

Sophia Mancuso, a lovely and affluent woman, disappears from a northern California town.  Days later, agents Jake Appleby and Celia Moreno are whitewater rafting in the Sierra Nevada Foothills when they make a grisly discovery.  Their find is an unlikely coincidence that haunts them as they begin the search for the killer.  As they struggle with the mystery, the sadistic murderer displays remains on more whitewater rivers. They’re now rushing to stop a serial killer with a growing team of detectives from different jurisdictions.  With virtually no forensic clues, how will they find the monster? This book is available on in paper and Kindle format.

Sierra Vengeance coverSierra Vengeance

Two women have vanished from small northern California towns. As California Department of Justice agents Jake Appleby and Celia Moreno enter the case, a third disappears. Using technology, intuition, and good police work they make significant progress on the case. When their only witness is assassinated, they find themselves stymied. Suddenly, women close to Jake become victims. Keeping his loved ones safe and finding the murderer becomes the challenge of Jake’s life. This book is available on in paper and Kindle format.

WARNING: Sierra Vengeance is a “spoiler” for the mystery in Whitewater Killer.

Preston Holtry

holtry-headshotPreston Holtry is an avid traveler, reader, alpine skier, and novelist. He has a BA degree in English from the Virginia Military Institute and a graduate degree from Boston University. A career army officer, he served twice in Vietnam in addition to a variety of other infantry and intelligence-related assignments in Germany, England, and the United States. He retired from the Army after 27 years of active duty in the rank of colonel at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Following his army career he worked as a Program and Project Manager for various companies in Sierra Vista, Arizona working in the field of operational test and evaluation. He volunteers one day a week at the local VA hospital. In the winter when not volunteering or writing, you can find him at Sunrise Ski Resort in the White Mountains.  He lives with his wife, Judith, in Oro Valley, Arizona.

Death in Emily 3, introducing the character Morgan Westphal, is the first in a four-book Westphal series of period mysteries he has written. Emily was published by Moonshine Cove Publishing in Oct, 2013.



holtry-emilyDeath in Emily 3

Preston Holtry’s debut mystery novel, Death in Emily 3 (282 pages, Amazon paperback $13.95, Kindle $5.99; Moonshine Cove Publishing) introduces Morgan Westphal, former Rough Rider, town sheriff, and now a private investigator. The novel’s setting is the mining town of Adobe Wells, Arizona in 1915 during a time of violent conflict between mine owners and mining unions.

When Morgan Westphal receives a telegram informing him Frank Shaw, his volatile younger half-brother, has been jailed for murder in Adobe Wells and needs help, he thinks Frank just might be guilty. Against his better judgment, Morgan goes to Adobe Wells and finds his brother accused of killing Phillip Hardesty in Tunnel 3 of the Emily Mine. Morgan questions whether the mangled body of the murdered man in the town morgue is even Hardesty. By the time Morgan discovers who was killed in Tunnel 3 and why, he will risk his life in the Emily Mine, become embroiled in a turbulent labor strike, and have a deadly confrontation with a sadistic deputy marshal.

Emily is the first in a four-book series of Westphal mysteries. Volume 2, A Troublesome Affair, is scheduled for publication by Moonshine Cove in the spring of 2014. http/

a-troublesome-affair-holtry-300A Troublesome Affair

The year is 1916 when Morgan Westphal, a private investigator, is asked to investigate the rape and attempted murder of Sophia Parmenter, the wife of an army major assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The accused is Rueben LeCroix, a highly decorated Negro stable sergeant assigned to the 10th Cavalry Regiment. As a civilian, Morgan at first has no wish to become involved in what he believes is a purely army affair until he is told LeCroix is the man who saved his life in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Morgan’s investigation has barely started when the regiment is suddenly deployed to Mexico as part of the Punitive Expedition in pursuit of Pancho Villa. By the time Morgan solves the crime, he will make a long, solitary, and dangerous horseback ride deep into Mexico, risk his life during a deadly encounter with Mexican bandits, and re-examine his own feelings concerning racial equality. A Troublesome Affair is a mystery with intricately connected characters caught up in a turbulent current of racial tension and armed conflict between the United States and Mexico.

Published In September 2014, A Troublesome Affair is the second volume of a four-book Morgan Westphal period-mystery series. Copies of both books are available on Amazon and B&N in both paperback and kindle as well as the Moonshine Cove website.

perf6.000x9.000.inddSeal of Confession

A man has been convicted and hanged in Santa Fe for the brutal murder of Carlotta Ridgefield. Father Juan Salas, the victim’s confessor, knows the executed man was innocent and wants Morgan Westphal to find who killed her. Morgan is reluctant to take on a case the police consider closed. When he does agree to investigate, he is challenged by the priest’s refusal to say what he knows for fear he will violate the sanctity of the confessional and church dogma regarding the Seal of Confession.

Set in 1916 during a period of western railroad expansion and disputed Spanish land grants, Seal of Confession is a multi-layered plot with seemingly unrelated threads that are tied to both the murder and the execution.

Tony Ivins


G.A. (“Tony”) Ivins conveys his upside-down sense of humor through stories and short novels whose twist endings reveal the absurdity of human existence. Natural processes prevail. Emotions are frequently misleading. Self-satisfaction is severely punished.
Ivins’ experiences include working as a common laborer while in high school, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees, cranking down the jammed landing gear of a light plane, teaching high school English for thirty-eight years and acting as an instructor at the Arizona State Prison. Ivins lives in Casa Grande, AZ, with his wife Barbara and an incorrigible cat named Buster.

Visit for more information about G.A. Ivins.



cover_ivins_11-resizedDark Comedies to Brighten Your Mood

Intrigues Among Us

Intrigues Among Us puts the reader in a front row seat for the birth of absurd, dark comedy. The collection of stories traces the backstories of folly. In “Arrangement 86,” a psychiatrist thinks he has figured out life’s patterns only to be destroyed by his own murder plot. In another tale, an abused wife turns the tables on her husband. A third story features a woman who dreams of an adventurous life but finds a bittersweet answer to replace her repressed fantasies. In a final narrative, two secret agents gain insights that go beyond their death-defying assignments….Intrigues Among Us comes off as a strangely uplifting collection of stories, unveiling hidden truths that can only be defined as Intrigues.

bt-choice-resizedThe Homicidal Detective

The Homicidal Detective mirrors the everyday lives of those individuals haunted by undeserved memories. The book investigates the realm of strange perceptions and of misconceptions. Can we discern between our friends and enemies? Are our nightmares justified? We question the whole truth of our existence. These enigmas define the life of Edwin Morgan, a private detective with an affinity for murder.

Edwin accidentally kills his client, a well-known Memphis tycoon named Tom Lange. Edwin’s love affair with the mogul’s wife complicates matters, but the police lack sufficient evidence to charge the young detective. Edwin leaves town, and during his exile manages to solve two other cases. By the end of the novel, Edwin pulls things together and discovers his part in Tom Lange’s death. The narrative relates Edwin’s intellectual journey from callow youth to perceptive adult.

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Jim McArthur

mcarthur-headshotJim grew up in Newton, Kansas –known at one time as the wickedest town in the west– which is the subject of his latest book. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 1951, and served three years in the Navy during the Korean War – two of which as the Supply Officer on a destroyer operating in the Pacific. After leaving the Navy he worked for seven years with the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, and then moved to Arizona where he participated in developing an automated fire control system for the US Field Artillery. When this prototype was completed he went to work with Lockheed Aircraft, who had a contract to do an information systems study for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Shivering from the cold he returned to Arizona in 1963 and joined the Indian Health Service. He later moved to Albuquerque as the Director of Systems Development for the IHS. He wrote his first book, Leaves of Autumn, in 2006. He has since published two more – The Third Musketeer, and Newton, Kansas. Shiela, his wife for 52 years, passed away in October of 2011.


third-musketeer-cover-251x3001-resizedThe Third Musketeer

“Kill religion and you kill the nation,” the man said. Ben Foxworth, a recent widower, returns to Oldvil, Kansas, for his 50th high school reunion, and while renewing ties with old friends, suddenly finds himself the target of three Anglo Islamic terrorists. Ben’s two closest buddies from his teen years are there, along with his high school sweetheart, and the years seem to slip away as they relive old times. But Ben and his friends have unknowingly seen one of the terrorists and must be eliminated before they can identify the assassin. After two attempts on his life Ben decides to take matters in his own hands. Traveling from his home in Colorado to NewYork City and then Albuquerque, NM, Ben tries to unmask the identity of the other terrorists and disrupt their next planned attack which will have devastating consequences on religion and the country.


leaves-cover-300Leaves of Autumn

A young man interested in the massacre of ten settlers by Cheyenne Indians in Central Kansas in 1869, discovers Old Joe, a grizzled, old-timer who purports to know about the raid. Old Joe tells him about the incidents leading up to the attack – the Sand Creek Massacre, Roman Nose’s famous war bonnet, Forsyth’s Scouts, the early pioneers in Lincoln County and much more, leading the man to wonder how Old Joe seems to know so much about those days that occurred 140 years ago.

The story that unfolds is a sweeping saga of the settlement of Central Kansas and the end of Cheyenne domination of the plains they loved so dearly.


newtoncover300Newton, Kansas

For a year and a half it was the end of the trail for the Santa Fe Railroad headed West, and the Texas cattle drives coming North. It was born overnight, and became home for gamblers, saloon keepers, prostitutes, Texas gunslingers and honest citizens hoping to create a peaceful new community. It was Newton, Kansas, and quickly earned the reputation as “the wickedest town in the West.”

Ted Baker, owner of Ted’s Bakery and one of the town’s leading citizens, is embroiled in these calamitous events, culminating in the Hyde Park Massacre in which five men are killed and three wounded. Ted, and his friend, Buck McNurty, a cowboy from one of the early cattle drives, try to turn the violent town into a safe and peaceful place to live.

But the town suffers from more than just the gun play of the Texans. It also has a corrupt county government, experiences a major fire that destroys a significant part of the town, lives through tornados and blizzards, and is hit by a grasshopper invasion that consumes everything in sight.

Relive these tumultuous early years in McArthur’s latest book based on actual events in the history of Newton, Kansas.


Gail Gibbs


Gail Ann Gibbs grew up in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, and has continued to live and write in the sunny Southwest. She eventually obtained two college degrees, neither related to writing. She has been employed in a variety of interesting jobs, some of which may end up in novels someday.

Gail has four novels with the personalized-romance publisher She has also provided stories for the Strange Mysteries anthologies, Alienskin, Church Educator, Gem, and True Confessions. She released a collection of short stories, Sketches in the Air, in 2014 and her latest book is the Jules Verne-style fantasy They Called Me Dragon: A Narrative Account of my Adventures on the Planet Earth.

 Gail is an active member of (obviously) Arizona Mystery Writers and an Associate Member of Saguaro Romance Writers Chapter of Romance Writers of America. She enjoys the Arizona sun with her husband and some really big goldfish. More about her writing journey can be found at


sketches200x300Sketches in the Air

Gail Ann Gibbs brings together five short stories of speculative fiction, all of them quirky and thought-provoking, or possibly just plain strange. But in a good way. Really. Available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major e-book distributors.



saga-200x300Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales

Vampire Saga is a personalized romance, in which the readers become part of the story. These books make unique gifts for weddings and anniversaries, and are offered by the acclaimed personalized-romance publisher,

In Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales, the starring couple discovers that vampires walk among us. They encounter a couple whose fiery love has spanned the centuries, and must fight to maintain their freedom and love for each other.

Set among the wild and majestic Rocky Mountains, our couple soon find themselves drawn into a world of blood lust and supernatural powers and discovers that associating with vampires can be both exciting and deadly. Passion abounds, and not just among the vampires!

Vampire Saga: A Trio of Tales is available in e-book, hardcover and paperback at

red-moon-200x300Red Moon Waltz

Red Moon Waltz is a personalized romance, in which the readers become part of the story. These books make unique gifts for weddings and anniversaries, and are offered by the acclaimed personalized-romance publisher,

In Red Moon Waltz, the starring couple attends a masquerade ball held at the mysterious Peacewood Manor. The moon rises and the masks come off, revealing how delightfully seductive magic can be. Evil also lurks underneath the captivating glitter, and our couple must draw on all their love and courage to save themselves and their new-found friends from supernatural disaster.

Red Moon Waltz is available in e-book, hardcover and paperback at

gibbs-dragon-coverThey Called Me Dragon: A Narrative Account of my Adventures on the Planet Earth

Huge, green, and scaly, alien Professor J’o’ Ka Joarchim can’t convince the local peasants that he’s not a man-eating monster. The villagers chain a young woman to a cliff in sacrifice to him, but she has her own ideas about that. Helping her escape only aggravates the situation, and J’o’ ends up with a collection of luckless human victims, all increasingly dependent on him for their survival.

Meanwhile, J’o’ must keep his new pets a secret, since interfering in human society is a serious violation of Interdimensional Law. The longer he stays on Earth, the more trouble awaits him back home.

THEY CALLED ME DRAGON is the story of a feisty young heroine, an assortment of outcasts, and one very confused alien as they conquer the Dark Ages and become legends in the process.  Available on CreateSpace and Amazon. Learn more at