Mary Ann Hutchison

ma-hutchisonA transplanted Wisconsinite, Mary Ann’s immediate family consists of one husband, two spoiled felines, six children, 20 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

Her writing family evolved from the Arizona Mystery Writers, where she’s the current Speaker Chair, and past Presiding Chair. She belongs to a group of five local writers named “Gecko Gals Ink,” sassy and spunky authors who write in a variety of genres and conduct writing workshops and seminars.

A past member of the Society of Southwestern Authors, she served on its Executive Board, coordinated its annual writing contest, was a 2009 Conference Committee Member, and is also a past member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

She’s judged various writing contests, both in-state and out.

Although her first book was a young adult novel, she loves to write suspense. Her writing style recently expanded to include a non-fiction novel featuring therapy horses, which was published in September 2013.

Her background as a legal secretary, administrative aide in the Sheriff’s Department, courtroom clerk and Judicial Administrative Assistant, has provided her with enough material for several books. She just needs the time.

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joeys-morning-front-250x300-resizedJoey’s Morning: The Legacy of a Therapy Horse

Destiny transported a black and white Paint from a dust-filled, hotter-than-hell feedlot in Texas, to Marana, Arizona, and eventually into the loving care of Deb and Bill Wood, where he was transformed from “Joey” to “Sir Joey.”

After he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Joey found a way to send Mary Ann on a quest to discover his legacy. Her welcome into the world of the horse was done without reservation or judgment. It broadened her education about equine professions, and beliefs and views she’d not have understood if it weren’t for Joey’s friends. You’re invited to share his life and times; to meet his friends, his caregivers, and the therapists –two-legged, four-legged, and mini.

The people are real; the stories are real. You may raise an eyebrow now and again; you may be asked to suspend your beliefs now and then. Whether you do, is up to you.

Anyone who’s loved animals, will relate to the love that bound a woman and a horse together; two souls who walked a journey, side by side.

Joey’s Morning: The Legacy of a Therapy Horse is available from Amazon in print, as an e-book and Kindle.


moochie-ahMoochi’s Mariachis

The joys and angst of teens hasn’t changed; no matter the era or location, basically they’re the same. Share the early teen years of Moochi, Chico, Ladybug and Turo as their friendship is challenged, then shaken by unforeseen problems. The answers may lie in the surrounding desert which, in turn, offers them safe haven as well as danger.

Moochi is offered in both print and as an e-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Published by Open Press Books, USA Available at, Barnes and


cascabel-coverCascabel: Treachery’s Reward

The 1865 wide-open Western Frontier is the backdrop for murder and revenge. Murderers seeking anonymity of the cattle drive find themselves prey, and catacombs of the Ancients serve as their graveyards. An Apache woman warrior, skilled in the art of war and killing, becomes a young man’s teacher and lover.

El Cascabel, Spanish for rattlesnake, was part of the daily living in the southwest. No one suspected murder when death visited, with snakebite as a calling card.

A man’s mind can become ingenious when he begins sinking into insanity. Filled with the venom of hatred and revenge, he envisions himself to be El Cascabel.

Available from Amazon.



Rain, Rain, Go Away

Eight year old Betsy Ann’s in trouble ~ she wants her dolly to die; she draws gravestones in a cemetery. Meanwhile, the judge and staff of Division Three of San Ramon Superior Court, along with Judicial Security, prepare for the sentencing of the Santa Klaus Killer.

To those who labor in the judiciary and law enforcement, two things are explicit: (1) there’s one thing in the knowing; (2) another in the proving.

No matter what their vocation, it’s imperative that what they do after hours must shatter the images of what they see and hear.