Lala Corriere

lala-press-photoSince early childhood, Lala has been passionate about all the arts. She is a painter and a former stage performer. Early work careers blended high-end real estate sales and serving as president of an interior design firm.

Her fifth grade teacher, Miss Macy, was the to suggest she consider a career in writing. That extension of the arts, the written word, turned into a full time passion in 2001.


Career Highlights:

  • Endorsement and long-term mentorship by the late Sidney Sheldon
  • USA Today articles and review.
  • Published in regional magazines, newspapers, writer’s guides and journals.
  • Award winning poetry.
  • Endorsements from Andrew Neiderman [Devil’s Advocate], J Carson Black, KT Bryan, CJ West, Paris Afton Bonds, and many others remarkable authors.

Titles Include:

  • Widow’s Row
  • Cover Boys & Curses
  • Evil Cries
  • Kiss and Kill.
  • Bye Bye Bones, coming 2015

Readers and reviewers applaud her hallmark original plots, her in-depth character portrayals, rich scene settings, and authentic dialogue, all delivered with a fresh new voice. Oh, and her TWISTS!

Lala is a desert rat. She nestles there with her husband of over 25 years along with Finnigan & Phoebe— Teacup Yorkies.


widows-rowWidow’s Row

She fears the gun hidden in her father’s staircase is the same weapon that killed her mother. In search of truth, she’s thrust into a world of her father’s only true legacy … lies.

Warnings become death threats because she knows too much.

She knows nothing.

She can trust no one.


cover-boys-and-cursesCover Boys & Curses

The Lauren Visconti Curse. She loses everyone she loves. They don’t storm out the door. They die. Lauren wore the curse of untimely deaths as the thin veil of anxiety that came with running her in-your-face magazine, CoverBoy.

Success came with CoverBoy’s dichotomy—photos of almost naked men juxtaposed between serious investigative reporting. Her articles ran true stories and divulged real names. Most readers had heard of sex-slave trafficking. Most didn’t know it occurred in their own backyards. Some readers knew about podiatry mutilations—the hacking off of elongated second toes and even the total amputation of little toes, all in order to fit into expensive designer shoes. Very few had heard about revirgination.

Lauren’s own personal curse morphed. Now anyone Lauren had any emotion toward, good or bad, is doomed to be slaughtered.

Maybe one man, Los Angeles’ spiritual healer, Dr. Harlan Coal, can save her from this fate. He’s saving the world, after all.

evil-criesEvil Cries

Skin isn’t the only game in town, but for plastic surgeon Marcus Armstrong, it’s his passion and his profit.

Sterling Falls’ grand opening isn’t going as planned. Instead she sees a gun-yielding man shot dead on her new jewelry showroom floor, and the woman that mortally wounded him? A bag lady.

Not the first two customers Sterling envisioned.

Feeling neglected by the man that brought her to Tucson, she enjoyed the attention of the handsome plastic surgeon. After all, what harm could there be in his flirtations? She had sold him an $80,000 engagement ring.

What woman could say no?

kiss-and-kill-coverKiss and Kill

Just when romance author Chyna Blaze gives up her haunting past, she has a new problem. Her peers are being knocked-off. The detective insists she’s high on the list.

Her publicist arranges the date with a well-known literary giant. Chyna finds the idea annoying, but harmless.

Orson Locke quit writing, but not his vices. He likes his sugar straight out of cans of white icing, chased by bourbon, and Poe. He likes his temptations well-sated.