Kathy McIntosh


Kathy McIntosh is addicted—to words. She loves the way words sound and the way they look on a page. In addition to creating offbeat adventures for the zany characters in her novels, she writes and speaks about words and writing.

A native Californian who wound up spending thirty years plus in Idaho, Kathy transplanted from Idaho to Tucson, gleefully abandoning her long johns and snow shovel. She shares space with a hairy cat, a large, lazy dog and a husband who most of the time is neither hairy nor lazy.

Kathy’s first two novels in the Havoc in Hancock humorous suspense series take place in North Idaho, territory famous for its kooky citizens. She’s hard at work on her third novel, where she will bring Roadkill, a character her readers love, to the Sonoran desert. Can he survive the heat?

More about Kathy, her writing, and a chance to sign up for her very occasional newsletter, are at www.kathymcintosh.com.



Mustard’s Last Stand, the first in the Havoc in Hancock humorous suspense series, has been compared to the witty but weird works of Carl Hiaasen. An offbeat environmental activist enlists his brother, a failed screenwriter, in the battle against the fanatical developer of an African safari camp in North Idaho.





Foul Wind, the second in the Havoc in Hancock series, was released in October, 2015. Blackmail, wind mills and vicious pigs make for a stinky —and deadly — combination. Can a former activist stop her meddling mother from becoming the next victim?





Both books are available on Amazon. Kathy’s Amazon author page is amazon.com/author/kathymcintosh.