Prospect for Murder – Jeanne Burrows-Johnson


Semi-retired journalist Natalie Seachrist’s had visions since childhood.  But when her twin Nathan confirms the body she saw draped over a vintage Mustang was his granddaughter, her world shatters.  With the cautionary help of retired police detective Keoni Hewitt, Natalie begins investigating the Honolulu foothills apartment where Ariel died.  There the writer discovers the fascinating story of the 1920s Shanghai origins of the affluent Wong Sisters who own the complex—and more than a little discord between the family and staff.

Unfortunately, Natalie’s on-site sleuthing with her feline companion Miss Una produces few leads.  Just as she questions her mission, she experiences a surprising vision from Ariel’s perspective.  When Natalie declares her certainty that the girl did not fall from the apartment’s lanai to Keoni, she’s forced to reveal her ongoing visions.

Meeting with Nathan, the coroner, and the Honolulu police detective who was once his partner, Keoni and Natalie learn items are missing from Ariel’s effects.  Was the unattended death a murder rather than an accident or even a suicide?  If so, Natalie may have put herself in the way of a murderer who’s willing to kill again to hide their secret.