K.L. Peacock

K. L. Peacock lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is an avid photographer, traveler, and rose gardener. Born and raised in Central New York State – near the Finger Lakes, she moved to Tucson over twenty years ago. K. L. graduated from Long Island University with a B.A. in History and Political Science, and a M.A. in Accounting from DeVry University.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger: The Crossings somewhere in West Texas is a small county with its own problems. In the aftermath of a corrupt sheriff, influenced by a ruthless resident, the new Sheriff, Chris Winters is putting the town back in order. A job that is not easy but just when the area seems civilized…

Agnes Axelrod is brutally murdered outside her motel room at the Cheap Sleeper. If that is not enough, someone drags her dead body into her motel room and beats her corpse. Reverend Daniel Cates, aka Preacher Man, came to The Crossings a few months prior with his “flock”. Unknown to Cates, he and Agnes receive notes that read, “I know what you did. Your time is up.”

Kali, the strong willed wife of Sheriff Winters, is also a detective for the department. Kali’s determination to find the connection of the notes unravels the darkest parts of Agnes’s past. The deadly secret that Agnes and the Preacher Man share will lead Kali and Chris on a race against time to uncover the shocking and horrific truth of all those involved.

Oh Henry, How Could You: Murder in The Crossings has happened again. Myrtle Chitwood, the beloved school librarian, has been discovered dead under her collapsed bookcases. Myrtle’s children Basil, Rosemary, and Marjoram are naturally upset about their mother’s death, but it is not in the way everyone expects. They mislead and frustrate the authorities every chance they can.

Estate Attorney Ernest Enright has the duty of establishing a foundation for troubled high school children per Myrtle’s will. Father Nickolai Wenchenkowitz, or Father Nikki as everyone calls him, is the town’s Episcopal priest. He has been Myrtle Chitwood’s confessor for years. Hank Solley, the sheriff’s hired help at the ranch and a longtime friend of Myrtle, knows more about the Chitwood’s than anyone else in town. Baxter Bear, the adorable teenage guardian of Father Nikki’s, unknowingly stumbles across vital information in solving Myrtle’s murder.

These people along with the usual gang of Buck, Deputy Toby, Jimmy, and Doc assist Sheriff Chris Winters and his detective wife, Kali, in finding Myrtle Chitwood’s murder. All embark on an adventure of uncovering Myrtle Chitwood’s skeletons. What they find are skeletons that were never meant to be revealed, but soon turn to be deadly.