Prize-Winning Stories for 2017

You can click the story name to see it. You will be prompted to SAVE the file on your computer. After you do that, you can read it there at any time. The stories are in PDF format. If you need a PDF reader, get one for free at . The 2017 15+ contest winners will be announced in September.

First place – Youth Contest: “The Crime” by Kate Anderson. You can read Kate’s work here.

Prize-Winning Stories for 2016

mary_ballFirst Place Winner:Lawman” by Mary Ball. “I am a retired computer scientist who suffers from delusions of grandeur. I think I can write. I started my writer’s journey in 2008. I sat down and wrote a 100,000 word book. Just knocked it out, and did a happy dance when it was finished.

“Then I learned the sorry truth that many writers have to learn. I foolishly thought a first draft was a finished product. After learning the facts of a writer’s life, I started taking classes. I’m still learning that writing is more than a cleaver book idea. But those clever ideas keep bouncing around in my head.

“Eight years down the road of writing almost daily when I’m not traveling, I may be close to a finished book, and I have a few short stories published. Meanwhile the list of stories begging to be written keeps growing in my notebook.I have only one question to ask. Why can’t I use adverbs? Adverbs flow through my fingers onto the written page as smoothly as fine wine flows from my decanter.

“I want to thank Arizona Mystery Writers for their dedication in helping authors continue to hone their craft.”

cynthia-iversSecond Place Winner:
Remembrance Falls” by Cynthia Ivers. When Cynthia Ivers isn’t practicing law in Denver, Colorado, she sits on her front porch, sips sweet tea, and writes of murder and mayhem. Cynthia’s first attempt at mystery, “Biting Time,” won the 2012 Pikes Peak Short Story Contest, and she also placed second in the 2015 Denver Woman’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest with her entry “Dark Allie.” Her most recent creation, “Remembrance Falls,” was borne of a particularly spirited visit to a Swedish ice bar.

Third Place Winner: A Small Taste” by Angela Matthews. We’re still waiting on Angela’s bio and pic, but you can still read her winning story!

Honorable Mentions:

Silvia Swidzinski, “Opening the Door” spacer Judith O’Sullivan, “Connecticut Cowboy at
King Arthur’s Clambake”
Paul Henry, “Dead Woks Don’t Lie” Mary Ball, “Roberts Rules of Murder”
Paul Henry, “Who’s Julie” Linda Triegel, “Dog Days, Rabbit Nights”
Michaele Lockhart, “Diego Garcia” Margaret Rappaport, “Death, Doggone”
Renee Terry, “Thy Will Be Done” Susan Fabio, “Prescription for a Perfect Family”