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Arizona Mystery Writers Jim Martin Memorial Story Contest

Congrats to our 2015 contest winners! The next contest starts March 1, 2016. Details for our 2015 contest are below.


The annual story contest for 2015 runs from January 1 to June 1, 2015!  Anyone can enter – and anyone can win!  Send in your short story in mystery, suspense, or thriller style. Entries may be up to 2500 words (about 10 double-spaced pages). It’s loads of fun and a good exercise of your writing skills.

Deadline: June 1, 2015. That date will creep up on you, so start sketching your ideas!

Fabulous Prizes: $200 for First, $100 for Second, and $75 for Third. PLUS winners receive a certificate of acknowledgment from the club, admiring applause at the awards luncheon, your win announced in the newspaper, your winning story posted on the AMW website, and validation as a writer.

How to Enter: See the Requirements Form for the official rules. The entry fee is only $10 per story, and you could submit more than one story if you like. Entries are judged “blind,” that is, without the judges knowing who wrote the stories. Everybody is equal before the panel of judges!

An official Entry Form must accompany each submission. That’s how we connect your name to the title of your story. Your name does not appear on the story itself.   You can also submit your story by email!  See the entry form for details.

Publication: With your permission, we will post the winning stories on the AMW web site.  The Board of Directors of AMW has determined that posting a story on the web site does not constitute formal “publication,” so you may submit your story to a traditional publisher as “unpublished” material.

Who is Jim Martin?  Jim Martin was a long-time member of Arizona Mystery Writers. The organization deeply enriched his life, he said. His family left a generous contribution to the club and we remember him by dedicating the annual story-writing contest to him.

Download these official forms:  Click on the link below to see the document. To save it on your computer, right click and select Save As…  Some forms are in PDF format.  If you need a PDF reader, get one for free at .

Contest Requirements in PDF format

Official Contest Entry Form in PDF format

Contest Entry Form in .rtf format that you can type on. When you click on this link the file will be downloaded to your computer. Look for it  in your “My downloads” folder.

Past winners: You can read the most recent winning stories by clicking “Winners” under the “Contest” tab on this site.

Cheat Sheet!  Want to know what the judges look for?  Check out this list of guidelines.  Judging Criteria

Questions? Contact the Contest Coordinator.