Here is the Honor Roll of all Story Contest prize winners over the years.

2017 – 15+ Contest

First Place: Chuck Brownman, “Thrilled No More”

Second Place: Christi Kreifski, “Addiction”

Third Place: Lonni Lees, “Blue Eyed Bandit”

Honorable Mentions:

Eleanor Nelson, “Gentleman in the Garage”

Lonni Lees, “Tumbleweed”

Gerald Martin, “Golf is a Contact Sport”

2017 – Youth Contest

First Place: Kate Anderson, “The Crime”


First Place: Mary Ball, “Lawman”

Second Place: Cynthia Ivers, “Remembrance Falls”

Third Place: Angela Matthews, “A Small Taste”

Honorable Mentions:

Silvia Swidzinski, “Opening the Door” spacer Judith O’Sullivan, “Connecticut Cowboy at
King Arthur’s Clambake”
Paul Henry, “Dead Woks Don’t Lie” Mary Ball, “Roberts Rules of Murder”
Paul Henry, “Who’s Julie” Linda Triegel, “Dog Days, Rabbit Nights”
Michaele Lockhart, “Diego Garcia” Margaret Rappaport, “Death, Doggone”
Renee Terry, “Thy Will Be Done” Susan Fabio, “Prescription for a Perfect Family”



First Place: Ginger Marcinkowski “Invisible”

Second: Judith O’Sullivan “Death by Donut”

Third: Jeffery C Spitzer “The Know-It-All”

Honorable Mentions:

Mary Ball, “Crossing the Line” Micki Browning, “String Theory” (which she has sold!)
Bonnie Edwards, “Train Wreck” Bonnie Ryan Fisher, “Call In”
Sharon Guerrero, “Lalo” Cynthia Ivers, “Dark Allie”
Arthur Kerns, “Settling Accounts” Gerald Martin, “Stratomarium Barbarium”
Jessica Morgan, “In The Shadow of the Falls” Joseph Pandolfi, “Psychology for Dummies”
Thomas Prinster, “Abuelita” Diane Ransdell, “The Distractor”
Thomas Prinster, “My Brother” Bruce Scott, “Killing Time In Alaska”



First Place: Margo Lemberger: “Six at Six”

Second: Stephen Russell”: “Lo Siento”

Third: Diane Hadac: “Golf Widow”

Honorable Mention: Yancy Goins: “Troll Man”

Honorable Mention: Eleanor Nelson: “Owls Crying”


First Place: John J. White, Merritt Island, Florida: “Rat Baiting”

Second: Ellie Nelson, AMW member, Tucson: “Bessie’s Bag”

Third: Graham McLeod, AMW member, Tucson: “Flagrant Fowl”


First Place: Bill Adams, AMW member, Tucson: “Ruby Darnell”

Second: Bill Adams, AMW member, Tucson: “Thinking Zebras”

Third: Gloria G. Adams, Stow, Ohio. “Along Came a Murder”


First Place: Gail Gibbs, AMW member, Tucson: “Hung Gun”

Second: Molly McKinney, AMW member, Tucson: “Dream Date”

Third: Ellie Nelson, AMW member, Tucson: “A Name to Remember”